Metal & Acrylic Partials

It ‘s very important to replace missing teeth for several reasons:

  • Appearance
  • Mastication
  • Support of remaining teeth
  • Support of an opposing full denture

Remember when we were told as kids that we had to chew our food slowly so that we didn’t get a sore tummy? Turns out it’s the same for adults too.

Without complete dentition, you may not be able to adequately masticate your food. Mastication, as opposed to biting and swallowing, involves mixing enough saliva with your food so that you adequately dilute your gastric juices, thereby reducing the risk of digestive problems.

A Partial Denture

As the name suggests, a partial denture is to replace some missing teeth in either or both the upper or lower arch. Sometimes a partial denture is required in one arch simply for appearance. More often it’s required to improve mastication ability, if remaining teeth are left unsupported, they may drift sideways or over erupt making future replacement considerably more difficult.

The other major reason to wear a partial denture is to support an opposing full denture. For example, where you have a full upper denture and only six remaining lower front teeth (a very common scenario), when you bite on the front teeth of the denture, you will tilt the back of the denture down, making it impossible to satisfactorily masticate food.

Conservation of remaining natural teeth is enhanced while wear and tear of remaining natural teeth is minimised by wearing a partial denture because chewing and grinding forces are evenly distributed. A partial denture can significantly support the degree of wear of natural teeth.

Lambton Park Denture Clinic can provide you with partial dentures, made using many different designs and materials, using only the highest quality products. All cast metal framework is constructed locally according to our design specifications, with Troy working closely with our chosen technician to ensure premium results with every partial denture. We do not send our work overseas, as we do not accept cheap manufacturing alternatives and only network with Australian Companies ensuring you receive the very best quality.

Some commonly used materials are:

  • Acrylic Partials
  • Nylon Partials
  • Cast Metal Partials

Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partial dentures cost less and because of ease of repair, reline or addition of further teeth, are generally advised in situations where remaining dentition is doubtful. Most acrylic dentures have stainless steel retention, but in some cases that may not be necessary.

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Cast Metal Partial Dentures

Cast Metal partial dentures are generally thinner and smaller in the mouth than other options offering greater strength and stability as well as support for remaining teeth.

Because of the rigid frame, it is also possible to transfer bite forces to remaining teeth, rather than supporting gums, by the use of metal rests on the occlusal surface of the supporting teeth. They offer varied choices with design.

Retention of a cast metal partial can be either cast metal retainers, or flexible nylon. Troy will recommend which is best suited to each patients needs.

Repair, reline or addition of future lost teeth is sometimes possible but may require laser welding, so it is always best to check with Troy.

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