Denture Maintenance

As with natural teeth, regular maintenance of dentures and overdentures is advised in order to maintain denture for comfort and durability. It is common for patients to experience sudden oral changes, including gum recession, mouth ulcers etc. These symptoms could be due to Denture wear, and it strongly advised patients have an “Oral Health Assessment” (or check up) annually.

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Denture Repairs

There are several reasons why dentures break. Over time, the size and form of your jawbone and gum tissues will change. Many dentures are unable to adjust to the changing conditions of your mouth, resulting in a poor fit. This is when dentures can tilt, wobble and create sore spots – it is also a key factor in causing your dentures to break.

If your denture breaks in your mouth, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your dentures no longer fit the shape of your mouth and gums
  • Your dentures are experiencing excessive force due to tooth grinding

Broken dentures should only ever be repaired by someone who is trained and qualified to carry out the repair.

As a complete denture repair service, we will:

  • Repair cracked denture bases and multiple fractures
  • Repair chipped false teeth
  • Replace your damaged or broken denture teeth with new denture teeth